Sideways Brewery Opening July 2018

Featuring small batch artisan farm brews using ingredients grown right on the farm and recipes inspired by friends and family. Come join us for unique tastings, a glass on the porch, or to purchase your favorite Sideways Artisan Ale in 750ml bottles - perfect for sharing. Watch for dates and times.


Brewery Nears Completion

We’ve come a long way since breaking ground last year and although there have been a number of delays the end is in sight. Our brewing equipment has been installed and finishing touches are being done to the tasting room. If the weather will just cooperate we can install the handicap parking and ramp, close out the building permit, and complete the state licensing.

In the meantime we've begun to dial-in our system, and refine recipes and procedures. This is an exciting time for us and the community and we enjoy having our friends and neighbors stop by to check the progress. Sideways Brewery will be the first craft brewery in Etowah, NC and one of only a handful of farm breweries in Western North Carolina.

Crafting Great Beers

Think about the craft behind the beer, the farmer behind the hops and grains. The craftsmanship of this art. The art of this craft. The endless variability that makes each brew unique, from brewery to brewery and brew to brew. Small batches, local ingredients, full flavor.

Connect with us

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If you'd like to try one of our Sideways Artisan Ales look for the brewery opening July 2018.

Our Farm products are available for purchase, visit The Farm page.