When are you open?

Our tasting room is typically open Fridays 4:00 to 8:00 pm and Saturdays 12:00 to 8:00 pm. The rest of the time we're brewing, bottling, cleaning, and running the farm. Follow us on Facebook to see additional hours and special events.

Do you sell food?

No. Think of us more as a winery, we provide tastings of our artisan farm ales and sales by the bottle or glass. From time to time you may find a food truck on site.

Are you pet friendly?

Yes, but No. We love pets but this is a working farm with planted gardens, sheep, pastured chickens, farm cats and animal guardian dogs. Please leave your pets at home.

Why do you only sell 750 ml bottles?

750's because they are perfect for sharing. In a bottle because we naturally condition all of our beer in bottles with local wildflower honey. Most breweries force carbonate their beer with CO2 tanks.  We (and lots of other beer experts) feel that by leaving a little yeast in the bottle and adding honey, we are creating a more natural live product.

What type of beer do you specialize in?

Interesting question, we feature unique small batch hand crafted artisan farm ales influenced by seasonally available local ingredients, a bit of history and a dash of creative madness. Each week we are brewing something different so stop in for a tasting and talk to Jon, our head brewer.

Where can I purchase your beer?

Our beer is available solely through the brewery tasting room.

Can I bring a group for tastings?

Sure, if your group is 8 or more contact us to arrange a private tasting.

Do you have a smoking area?

We are a non-smoking farm. Because we care for the health of our patrons, family, farm animals and soil we ask that you do not smoke on the farm.

Can I do a special event at the Brewery?

Yes, contact us to make arrangements.