Feed your soul with farm fresh flowers from Sideways Farm!


Our blooms are lovingly grown in Etowah, NC using sustainable methods. These flowers aren’t your everyday grocery store flowers shipped across continents, saturated with chemicals, stored in a warehouse or dyed blue (seriously, why all the fake blue flowers?). We have touched every seed, watered every stem, and cut every bloom with our own hands. We use nothing synthetic on our farm. Instead we nurture our flowers with compost, natural minerals, and encourage soil microbiology. Our goal is to increase the health of our land each year, which leaves you with beautiful blooms that are safe to stick your nose in and inhale deeply!

Purchase Options: (Subscriptions are sold out for the 2017 season call (828) 595-3445 for other options)

For only $45.00 you will receive 4 weeks of freshly picked bouquets. Your bouquets will vary weekly, depending on what is currently blooming around the farm, but will always have AT LEAST 15 fresh stems (more than enough to fill up one of those florist vases collecting dust in your closet).

The Mountain Community School Bouquet Subscription: Available to parents and staff of TMCS. You will receive 4 freshly picked bouquets conveniently delivered to Ms. Lori’s office at TMCS, one each Friday. If you cannot pick up your flowers you will need to arrange for someone else to enjoy them, or contact SidewaysFarm@gmail.com and have them donated to your favorite TMCS teacher.

Sideways Farm Share Subscription: Available to the local community. You will receive  4 weeks of freshly picked bouquets which can be picked up at Sideways Farm 62 Eade Rd. Etowah. Choose from two pick up options: either Monday mornings 8-10:00 September 4 -September 25 or Friday afternoons 4-6:00 September 1 - September 22.


Can I give a weekly subscription as a gift? What about for my business? 

Yes, it makes an excellent and well-loved gift! Great for someone in your life (obviously a loved one, but don’t forget teachers, and office staff) that deserves something special. Our bouquet subscriptions work wonderfully for reception areas or realtor open houses. If you think your business will need additional flowers, check out our bucket sales!

Does the weekly subscription come in a vase? 

No, they come wrapped in kraft paper with a compostable bag holding a wet paper towel to keep the blooms hydrated. You’ll use your own vase.

What if I go on vacation? 

You can arrange for a friend to pick them up (the gift that keeps giving), or let me know if you want to pick them up at the farm on an alternate day.

Will I get the same types of flowers every week or will they be different?

Yes and no, I’ll try my hardest to mix up styles and make sure you get a wide variety of bouquets. It’s hard to predict exactly what I’ll have blooming from week to week, but your happiness is my top priority!

Why do you ask for payment before I receive my bouquets? Is this a CSA? Is there any risk involved?

A bouquet subscription is a form of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), by paying in advance you are helping us to reduce the burden of up-front costs to our farm (seeds and equipment). As farming is weather dependent there is always a risk, we try to lessen that risk by planting diverse types of crops.

How long will my flowers last?

We pride ourselves on producing quality blooms and using no synthetic products (which means no vase life preservatives). Most of our blooms last 5-7 days, with some champions lasting 7-10 days. There are also some beautiful flowers that only last 3-5 days; however, these flowers typically continue to bloom in the vase so simply snip off the spent blossom and wait for the next!

What can I do to help my flowers last longer?

Snip off the ends of the stems and get them into fresh tap water as soon as possible! Make sure that they always have a large supply of water in the vase, and every few days change the vase water completely. Additionally, keeping flowers away from fruit, drafts and direct sunlight can help increase vase life.