Sideways Brewery

Featuring unique small batch hand crafted artisan farm ales influenced by seasonally available local ingredients (some right from our farm), a bit of history and a dash of creative madness. Come join us for unique tastings, a glass on the porch, or to purchase your favorite Sideways Artisan Ale in 750ml bottles.

Bee hives @ Sideways

Why in 750's? Because they are perfect for sharing. In a bottle because we naturally condition all of our beer in bottles with local wildflower honey. We even serve from the bottle in our tasting room. Most breweries force carbonate their beer with CO2 tanks.  We feel that by leaving a little yeast in the bottle and adding honey, we are creating a more natural live product.


Crafting Great Beers

Picking spruce tips from the farm

Think about the craft behind the beer, the farmer behind the hops and grains. The craftsmanship of this art. The art of this craft. The endless variability that makes each brew unique, from brewery to brewery and brew to brew. Small batches, local ingredients, full flavor.

Collaboration of farmer and brewer

"The strawberry is perfectly balanced by the kombucha for a flavorful beer with just the right tangy kick. This is my favorite of the Sideways Farm and Brewery far. I can't wait to see what's next!" J.S.

Flavor profiling farm ingredients

Every week Sideways crafts 1-2 new limited release artisan farm ales of no more than 500 bottles and some as few as 20-30 bottles. That means we'll always have new varieties to tempt your tastes but it also means your favorite may be available for just a few days to a few weeks, not to be brewed again for a year or more. So enjoy your guided tasting, or a pour on our deck and then take a bottle or two home just to be safe.

The Sideways’ Tasting Experience

"The gathering was chock full of interesting conversational folk. Really enjoyed the community." I.L.

Tastings at Sideways is a communal event, a shared experience between friends, like family gathering around the dinner table. Our u-shaped tasting island is designed for conversation as our brewer/owners guide you through the ingredients, the flavors, the aromas, and the story behind each selection.

"Beautiful venue, great beer, and very unique concept to regional brewing. Must see and taste in WNC." J.T.

Caring For Our Community

All tips go to community charities

Caring for our community is not just something we talk about, it's part of who we are. From buying local ingredients, to restoring our soils, to donating 100% of all our tips. Each month we'll select a local organization whose efforts help improve the lives of others. We thank all of our patrons for their support in this community of caring.

Sideways Brewery Brick by Brick

Yes, you can still order a brick for our front patio! Friends, family, and neighbors became a part of our farm brewery by designing their own brick, and you can too. We plan on ordering our next batch of bricks soon, so get in while you can! Be a part of the ongoing history of Etowah by purchasing an engraved brick for our patio.  Each donation is a literal building block to our success as a small community brewery.

Order your brick now!

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