Brewing Great and Wild Beers

Today was a busy day, not in means of physical work but the in planning our dizzying schedule and beers we are going to have available to our CSB members as well as our walk-in friends and families. After flexing our new systems muscles developing some unique and interestingly great beers, it’s now time to really get down to business and brew the great and wild beers we’ve always dreamed of.

Up first is something we are testing for future fermentation ideas and to harness our buildings design for open fermentations. This will be a farmhouse style beer with a few “better than organic” ingredients from our farm which will give it the aromas and character of a true farmhouse ale. Added to this will be an open initial fermentation for 10 hours where the fermenter will sit under our lower windows where cool evening air will be drawn across it, cooling the beer down in addition to capturing some of the wild yeast before we pitch a yeast the following morning and leave it out for 10 more hours before sealing it up for the remainder of fermentation.

After this, we plan on several unique small batch beers that will only be available to our CSB members. These beers will be blends of full run beers that will highlight different seasonal ingredients and rapid aging using several different techniques. These are going to be truly different beers and will cover a wide spectrum of flavors and aromas and colors. One of these creations was inspired by a patron last week so never be afraid to come up with something different. Our slogan, “Think Different, Drink Different” is a motto we follow every day here at the brewery. The remaining running’s from the full runs will be blended for different beers and fermented using unique yeast strains with additional ingredients from our farm as well as surrounding farms and neighbors (thanks for the figs Meghan and Jesse).

In case you’re wondering what the heck a CSB is, we’ll be posting something real soon so check back in the next few days and join. Remember, these beers as with all our farm fresh ales are limited (CSB even more so) and will never be brewed again. When they’re gone, that’s it.