Feed your soul with farm fresh flowers from Sideways Farm!

Bouquets can be purchased in the Brewery Tasting Room.

Our bouquets vary weekly, depending on what is currently blooming around the farm, but will always have AT LEAST 15 fresh stems (more than enough to fill up one of those florist vases collecting dust in your closet).

Our blooms are lovingly grown in Etowah, NC using sustainable methods. These flowers aren’t your everyday grocery store flowers shipped across continents, saturated with chemicals, stored in a warehouse or dyed blue (seriously, why all the fake blue flowers?). We have touched every seed, watered every stem, and cut every bloom with our own hands. We use nothing synthetic on our farm. Instead we nurture our flowers with compost, natural minerals, and encourage soil microbiology. Our goal is to increase the health of our land each year, which leaves you with beautiful blooms that are safe to stick your nose in and inhale deeply!


Need more flowers in your life? How about a bucket full?

Each 3 gallon bucket has 50+ stems of our freshest blooms, perfect to fill several small vases, about 5-7 mason jars, or create a dazzling centerpiece (with some left over)! Buckets will vary weekly, depending on what is blooming around the farm.

Call (828) 595-3445 or contact us at SidewaysFarm@gmail.com to discuss your needs and reserve your dates.

Working in Harmony

We take a holistic approach to farming ensuring that the land, water, air and life work together. A portion of our land will always be left in it's natural state as a home for wildlife. Our pastured animals play a role in adding nutrients to the soil and they in turn consume some of our brewing grains. We work hard to consider and lessen our environmental impact by repurposing and reusing materials on the farm, actively taking steps to lower our energy consumption, and by living, buying and working local.

Pasture raised
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Restoring the Land

One of our key goals is to leave the land better than we found it. We use organic farming practices and speciality cover crops like those you see here in our sheep pasture. Composting, mobile animal shelters, and pasture cropping help to reintroduce microbes which aid in the repair of damaged and depleted soils. A healthy and sustainable ecosystem means healthy crops and nutritious foods.

Learn more about regenerative agriculture at Sideways Farm & Brewery.

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