Feed your soul with weekly flower bunches from Sideways Farm!

Each week you will receive a beautiful bunch with 10 stems or more of one type of flower. Perfect for those that like the impact that a unified bunch brings. These bunches will change every week, ranging from yarrow with its tiny pastel blossoms to big bold sunflowers.

Purchase Options:

All bunches must be picked up from the brewery tasting room. We are offering 2 options:

  • Wednesday pick-up between 4 and 6 pm
  • Weekend pick-up (Friday-Sunday) during tasting room hours. You flowers will be freshest on Friday but will remain in our cooler until Sunday and should still last 5-7 days.

Wednesday Pick-Up

Spring50.00 USD5 wk wed bunches 5/13-6/10
Summer100.00 USD10 wk wed bunches 6/17-8/19
Fall50.00 USD5 wk wed bunches 8/26-9/23
Your confirmation will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Weekend Pick-Up

Spring50.00 USD5 wk weekend bunches 5/15-6/12
Summer100.00 USD10 wk weekend bunches 6/19-8/21
Fall50.00 USD5 wk weekend bunches 8/28-9/25
Your conrifmation will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.


How does this help Sideways Farm & Brewery?

Your CSA (community supported agriculture) membership will help us invest in expanding our farm and business, purchasing new seed varieties and bulbs, buying compost for the season to come, and yearly maintenance on farm equipment and infrastructure. Becoming a member supports local agriculture, provides you with knowledge of our flowers and growing techniques, and helps to build our local community.

Can I give a weekly subscription as a gift? What about for my business? 

Yes, it makes an excellent and well-loved gift! Great for someone in your life (obviously a loved one, but don’t forget teachers, and office staff) that deserves something special. Our bouquet subscriptions work wonderfully for reception areas or realtor open houses. If you think your business will need additional flowers, check out our bucket sales!

Does the weekly subscription come in a vase? 

No, they come wrapped in Kraft paper and remain in water until you pick them up.

What if I go on vacation? 

Since flowers are perishable we suggest you arrange for a friend or relative to pick-up your share for the weeks you’ll be away. Or you could donate your flowers to a local organization.

Will I get the same types of flowers every week or will they be different?

Yes and no, I’ll try my hardest to mix up styles and make sure you get a wide variety of bouquets. It’s hard to predict exactly what I’ll have blooming from week to week, but your happiness is my top priority!

How long will my flowers last?

We pride ourselves on producing quality blooms and using no synthetic products (which means no vase life preservatives). Most of our blooms last 5-7 days, with some champions lasting 7-14 days. There are also some beautiful flowers that only last 3-5 days; however, these flowers typically continue to bloom in the vase so simply snip off the spent blossom and wait for the next!

What can I do to help my flowers last longer?

Snip off the ends of the stems and get them into fresh tap water as soon as possible! Make sure that they always have a large supply of water in the vase, and every few days change the vase water completely. Additionally, keeping flowers away from fruit, drafts and direct sunlight can help increase vase life.