Come on in ...

Our cooler is stocked with a variety of Sideways Farm Fresh Ales, our new gluten free Jun and local wine. The fields are blooming and you are free to wander the farm with a beverage! You can also purchase Sideways merchandise, freshly picked bouquets (or u-pick), hand crafted local wood fired pottery, and pasture raised eggs.

New Releases

We aim to release something new each week. This week we are releasing #46 Rosewater Saison, which features a grassy note from the pilsner base, a spicy hop note, and was blended with rosewater (made from wild roses on our farm) for a wonderful floral aroma.

Next Friday, August 30th, we are releasing #53 Historic Table Porter.  This long awaited release is chock full of nuttiness and balanced with a complementary bitterness, has a very low ABV at only 2.6%, and drinks like a cold chicory coffee.

Last week we released our #56 Rustic American Ale and our #54 Light Honey Ale.  Be sure to stop by for a taste of #56 soon, it's a very small batch!

Now Serving Jun On Tap!

Naturally gluten free, jun is a fermented beverage similar to kombucha but made from green tea and honey.

Pictured here is our Blackberry Ginger Jun

It's lighter in flavor, and the blackberries from our farm give it a hint of tartness balanced by the ginger. As always we use local wildflower honey to naturally produce carbonation. We adapted a yeast to flourish in the acidic environment and have turned our jun into a low alcohol refreshing summer beverage! Coming in at 2.9% ABV, this one is perfect to enjoy on the porch after a hike.

Our offerings change constantly...

as newly brewed farm fresh ales are added and limited release offerings are sold out. So whenever you visit you'll find something new and perhaps a bottle or 2 left of an old favorite.

If you haven't visited before, we suggest starting with our guided tasting. It's a unique experience to our brewery. We, the owners (the farmer and the brewer), walk you through a curated list of 4 different ales, discussing our inspirations, obstacles, and ingredients as we go.

We have two guided tasting options: a Traditional Tasting consisting of ales in which there are only the 4 ingredients traditionally used in beer (barley/grains, hops, yeast, and water), and a Sideways Tasting featuring ales where we add additional ingredients (frequently fresh from our farm). 

A sampling of our limited release pours and bottles

(click image for description)